Your Guide to Using Concealer: Tips for a Radiant Look

What is a concealer?

Concealer is similar to a foundation. It has a liquid or creamy form and is used to cover dark circles, blemishes, dark spots, discoloration, or pigmentation on your face. It is the most versatile product and every makeup or non-makeup artist loves to use it. It is an easy-to-apply product that is followed by some small steps.

Concealer is often used on top of your foundation or you can use it over your bare skin too to give some extra coverage on the targeted areas of your face. To pick the correct concealer, you should be aware of the type of skin you have and which shade should be a perfect match for you.

Where to apply Concealer?

Concealers have pigmented or thicker consistency. You can apply concealer which matches your skin tone, most preferably you should use a concealer brighter than your dark areas like under the eye and pimple spots. Apart from that, concealer can also be used to highlight or contour your face, you just need to choose a darker shade of concealer to achieve a contoured look using a concealer.

How to use concealer?

1. Start with prepping your skin.

Bear in mind that unless and until you don’t have clear prepped skin, no matter what makeup you do or which concealer you use to hide the dark spots on your skin, your face will always look cakey and uneven. Prepping the skin is one essential routine that should not be skipped.

2. Clean your face.

Apply a gentle cleanser or face wash on your face to clean your face properly before applying anything. After cleaning, pat dry your face with a clean towel.

3. Use a toner.

Apply an alcohol or sulfate-free toner. A toner wipes away dead skin cells or bacteria from your face. Squeeze a few drops of toner on your cotton ball and wipe your skin, or if your toner is in a spray bottle, just spray it on your face and let your skin absorb it.

4. Apply Moisturize.

Use a moisturizer that is lightweight, and helps you to achieve a flawless base. Use the moisturizer all over your face and neck and massage in a circular motion until and unless it absorbs in.

5. Apply sunscreen.

Sun screening is the most important step that everyone should follow. If you are stepping out of your house without sunscreen of SPF 30 or 50, your skin is highly at risk. Sunscreen protects your skin from ultraviolet rays which can burn or damage your skin resulting in sun tan, sun burns, pigmentation, discoloration, etc. So never avoid using sunscreen under your makeup.

6. Use a primer.

Primers are used to protect your skin from the chemicals that are infused in makeup and help you to make your makeup last longer on your face. Primer focuses on specific complexion issues like blurring pores and active pimples by adding a radiant glow. Primers can be of a liquid form or a creamy form, choose what is best for your skin type.

After completing all the above-mentioned steps, use a concealer.

There are multiple variations of concealers available in the market. If you have dark spots, dark circles, or breakouts on your skin, choose a concealer that is at least two tones lighter than your dark areas. You can use a color correction to even out the dark areas before applying concealer such as yellow, orange, green, peach, etc. If you have very dark under-eyes apply an orange and peach color corrector that will cancel out the dark and purple undertone from your under-eyes, apply a small amount of color corrector and blend it properly. Once you are done with applying a light layer of color corrector, use a concealer from your preferred brand, which is easy to apply and has an applicator, and also has a lightweight and hydrating formula, then dap your concealer with a makeup sponge or makeup brush.

If you follow these small steps, which cover your dark areas flawlessly, you will achieve a fresh and radiating look to slay all day long.


Concealer is one of the most important makeup products that is used to give you a uniform and flawless look. It gives you additional coverage to get you an even skin tone and refreshing look and covers all your insecurities like puffy eyes, dark under eyes, blemishes, and breakouts. Thus, choosing the correct concealer can not only make you feel good and confident about yourself but also foster a positive impact on your personality and help you to make healthy relationships with people.

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